Car Insurance Money Saving Tips For The Motorist

You know what be really useful before purchasing your motor insurance policy online? Some money savings tips! Information that motorist’s could use in order to get a cheap car insurance policy.

Here are the cost cutting tips! Hope you find them useful. Don’t forget that they can potentially save you money and it depends on your personal circumstances to the amount of savings you’ll get. Every motorists is different and drivers a different car too.

What’s your no claims bonus like? Do you more than 4 years claims free? If you do then you’re eligible for a good discount. Providers like Liverpool Victoria offer a discount of up to 75% for no claims discount. Probably the best saving tip.

Where do you store your vehicle in the evening? If you park your motor in a secure place like your garage, that is locked as well. You could be eligible for another discount. Rather than parking on the road which is not that sure is it really.

Multiple policy discounts, look out for these. Many insurers such as Direct Line offer a discount if you where to also buy a home or pet insurance policy as well as a car policy. You could save up to 10%.

How much voluntary excess do you want to pay? Many insurers will allow policyholders to specify themselves the amount of excess they want to pay when making a claim. You should know that by increasing the level to a high amount can reduce the policy cost by around 25%.

What security features protect your vehicle? Do you your car fitted with an immobiliser, tracker system or alarm. If you do then you would be eligible for yet more discounts. This is because you are seen as less likely to claim if you protect your car from being stolen or broken into.

Hope the following tips can help all you motorist in obtaining a cheaper priced policy for your vehicle.