Buildings and Contents Insurance – How Do I Get A Cheaper Policy?

Many homeowners don’t know that by switching your current buildings and contents insurance policy you can potentially get a cheaper home insurance quote elsewhere. Many of the top providers offer to pay for any switching cost anyway that you might incur when switching a policy. So why not search for a cheaper priced premium and beat your current premium? You’re only missing out on saving some money and possibly getting more benefits as well, such as home emergency cover, legal cover and accidental damage on contents.

When looking to get a quote for buildings and contents, you should know that purchasing it as a combined policy is not always the cheapest method. You could try and buy them separately, as this can sometimes be much cheaper. Shop around with different providers like Direct Line and see what they can offer you.

Reviewing your current level of cover for contents is always advisable, many homeowners when asking for a certain level of contents cover just usually guess, or select the maximum amount of cover like £50,000 when they probably don’t require that amount of cover at all. Basically you’re over insuring yourself and paying too much for it. So review the value of all your possessions and see how much you really need cover for. Review all your clothes, jewellery, furniture and electronic goods so you’ll know that you’re not paying too much for them.

Property owners should know that insurers will give discounts to policyholders that have a smoke alarm fitted within their home. It is also the same if you have a security devise installed that helps to prevent break-ins and theft. A homeowner who takes safety and security seriously by installing devises that can save lives and prevent burglaries is a way to become low risk in the eyes of the insurer.

As a last resort, if you really want to pay less would be to increase the excess to a much higher value. This will reduce your premium, but do you really want to pay out more money when making a claim? The decision is yours homeowner.